Secret hidden in music!

Code tunes, cryptic music!

Listenable texts and mathematical miracles!



I would like to encourage everyone who is interested in music and capable of reading sheet music, to create similar coded tunes. If you are brave enough to do so, please share it with us, send it to email:

"The nature hides its secrets because it is sublime, not because it is a svindler." (A.Einstein)


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The special types of secrecy are messages hidden into a text, a picture or a piece of music. This is increasingly supported by modern digital techniques. You can find examples for this in various chapters of Kódtörõ ABC . On this site thought you can enjoy these unique cryptic techniques without being able to read sheet music.
The music pieces shown below are downloadable in different versions.


"Pi" hidden in music (Almost unbelievable!)

"e" hidden in music (Almost unbelievable!)

Music of Fibonacci-numbers (March of chances!)

"TITOKTAN" hidden in music ("Damien code")

Poetry hidden in music (unknown English poet) (Music and literature!)

Palindrome (back and forth) tunes (Wonderful symmetry!)