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"History only teaches us that humanity has learnt nothing from history." (A.Einstein)

INFOSANCE = INFOrmation renaisSANCE society

There is one thing that is known for certain about the future information society - which has not yet been completely formed: It is a global society. The difference between the laws of traditional autonomous societies and global society must be about as huge as between Newton's physics and quantum mechanics or between Eucledien and Bolyai geometry. We couls say that we are standing at the threshold of a 'new world', a completely unknown social system, the laws of which are not the continuations of our familiar societies. In order to get to know the global society and its mechanisms, we need a brand new frame of mind, a revolutionary theoretical base! Until it is born, our politicians are lost in the dark, laboratory-like information society in its 'infancy'. The result might be a monstrous 'descendant' with severe developmental disorders. We cannot allow ourselves to be influenced by the above quotation by A.Einstein as it happaned so many times before. If it did, humanity would not only be a bad student but could be locked away from the lessons of history forever.

This has to be talked about! This has to be written about! We should not only give way to'fashionable' thoughts! We must ask good questions to which nature can provide good answers! We cannot call everyone consevative or a pessimist just because they point out problems which have never been noticed before! Research and debate should be going on in science laboratories instead of the 'virtual greyhound racing' effect ('Let us catch the non-existant hare in a virtual greyhound race!') that is drifting along with politics!

The only chance for the 'greyhound racing' societies to reach their human potential might be the INFOSANCE society, in the centre of which stands the INFOSANCE man. (T.D.T.)

Dénes, T.:

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----- (An attempt to generalize the holography principle) Kyoto, Japan, 1978.

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Dr.Farkas, J.:

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